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Marco Aurélio Viliczinski


Marco Aurélio Viliczinski

Country: Brazylia

Town: Sao Bento do Sul - Santa Catarina

My organization: Soc. Varsóvia - Chamber Brazil Poland

I act for:

  • political party
  • self-government
  • local development
  • business
  • education
  • culture
  • sport
  • children and youth
  • Polish community abroad
  • ecology
  • against social exclusion

I'm a leader in: Director Chamber Brazil Poland

I took part in:

  1. School for Leaders for the Polish Community Abroad , School for Leaders of the Polish Community in Australia, Brasil and New Zealand (2011)
    As: participant

For me the School for Leaders means: A Fantastic experience and believe that the experience could help more and more entities to which I am involved.